Whut we do.

Whut Marketing Solutions is the “In-House” Marketing Department you have always wanted that helps free up your employees to do their “real” jobs.  We take the hassle out of promotional product research and procurement.

We have over 20 years in the Promotional Products industry and can help you find the perfect promotional products for your next trade show, product launch or promotion.  We help you find the perfect “Thank You” gift for your employees and your clients. We are independent Advertising Specialty Representatives which means we can source from companies all over the world and are not locked in to the traditional “cookie cutter” Advertising Specialty company where we are limited to selling only the products they stock.  Instead, we offer more than a million products in hundreds of categories that can be embellished with your company name and logo.

Isn’t it time you consolidate your promotional products research and procurement and let Whut Marketing Solutions handle this for you? Consider us your new Marketing Department!  We’re Whut Marketing Solutions.  We put the “U” in what!

Whut started all of this?

Toby & Renae Karlquist

Toby & Renae Karlquist

Renae and I started Whut Marketing in 1998. At that time, we purchased a single head commercial Brother embroidery machine. Over the next 15 years we made a name for ourselves with our custom digitizing and embroidery designs. We won numerous National Awards for our work. We created a custom baseball flag design after 9/11. Curt Schilling wore our design/ballcap during an interview on NBC during the 2001 World Series that the DBacks won.

Custom embroidered baseball design on a ballcap that Curt Schilling wore during the 2001 World Series.
Our custom embroidered design on a ball-cap that Curt
Schilling wore and autographed 
during the 2001 World Series.

During that timeframe we grew the promotional products side of the business as well. When the economy took a downturn in 2008, we sold our embroidery equipment and concentrated on promotional products and helping our clients promote themselves. We continue to offer promotional products and design logos for clients ranging from small businesses to airlines, schools, Realtors, rock bands and everyone in between.

We could not do all we do without the support of our co-workers. Carib and Cuervo, though no longer physically here with us, were instrumental in the early years. Now it's Kaspurr and Gizmo keeping us in line.

2 Golden Retrievers
Carib & Cuervo

Kaspurr a white Ragamuffin kitty

Gizmo, a brown Ragamuffin kitty

In addition, Renae and I are both professional photographers. We have photographed numerous folks from President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler and countless artsy landscapes around the globe.

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan. Photo by Toby Karlquist


Billy Joel at his piano in Phoenix, Arizona
Billy Joel photographed at Chase Field. Photo by Renae Karlquist

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona.
Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona. Photo by Toby Karlquist

Let us put our 20+ years in the promotional products business to work for you! We have seen many changes over the years, but one thing remains constant: businesses still need to keep their name in front of their clients. We have helped hundreds of companies promote themselves with everything from custom embroidered shirts and jackets, to writing instruments, drinkware, watches, awards and countless other items. Give us a call at 480-390-9970 today!  Whut are you waiting for? Whut can we help you with today? 

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